Mike Richards, Golf Academy, Golf Instructor, Parkland Golf & Country Club

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     Frank Cassisa is one of the most knowledgeable Certified Personal Trainers & Golf Conditioning Specialists I know. I recommend Frank to all my clients that want to become a more serious golfer.

Mike Richards

Owner/Director of Instruction

Mike Richards Golf Academy At Parkland Golf & Country Club

A Member of the PGA for 28 years & Teaching Golf for 30 Years

2014 "Teacher of the Year" South Florida Section2014 "Top 50 Growth of the Game Teaching Professional"

2011 "Teacher of the Year" Southern Chapter- South Florida PGA 

U.S Kids Certified Instructor 2013-2016 

     Frank Casissa was strongly referred to me by my golf instructor Mike Richards.
Upon Frank analyzing my flexibility or lack thereof, my areas of weakness, my hip rotation and golf swing itself, he put into motion a golf specific curriculum and workout plan for me. After a few weeks I started to notice a difference. After a few months the progress and difference was night and day.  I enjoy the opportunity to continue to improve in golf and I am on a mission to keep my flexibility and to increase my overall strength and wellness on a continuous basis.

Jay Eisenberg
Parkland, Florida

     I was struggling for several years with my range of motion during my golf swing. After working with Frank for a bit my range of motion has vastly improved. As a result, my golf swing has improved as I am hitting the ball better and further. I could not have achieved the great results without Franks' help!  He is an expert in his field with extensive  knowledge of the human skeletal system as well as having a tremendous understanding of the golf swing.

Mitchell Small

Parkland, Florida

I was referred to Frank from a PGA Golf Professional that I took lessons from and was told that if I was serious about my game, I would need to start training with Frank.  As it turns out, that was great advice. My workouts now incorporate all aspects specific to golf and where my body needs to strengthen and develop. The results have shown up on the course and Frank is one of the key guys on my team that help me  play the way I do.  Golf is hard enough, but getting my body in better shape has helped me be more consistent and strong.

Jeff Fazio

Handicap Index 1.3